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days twelve through seventeen: a week of boring (so far)

September 29, 2011

The weekend was a success in terms of how many apples I picked and touchdowns I watched my team score, but a failure in terms of my spending. $120 over three days. Ouch. Well… At least I made some memories! … Right?


The rest of the week has been depressingly boring. Between work, meetings and school I’m so busy to do anything else, much less spend money. I did go out for a drink last night … but since the bar I went to has a game where you flip a coin and if you win the toss, your drink’s half off. So I got fairly tipsy for $1.50. Sweet. My total weekday spending this week has been $17.81, all of which was vending machine purchases at work, and $12 spent at a grocery store in order to make some delicious caramel apple pie (the fruits of the apple-picking. hah. see what I did there? So punny.)

I get paid at midnight tonight (THANK GOD) so that means tomorrow I get to do the always-exciting task of divvying up money between must-haves and want-to-haves and credit card payments. Life is thrilling.

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