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days nine, ten, and eleven: in which i have nothing interesting to report.

September 23, 2011

tracking my daily spending makes me realize how boring my life really is, at least during the week. work, school, and more school is about all i ever do. on the bright side, i’m spending hardly money at all! boring life = more money, i guess.  but in the interest of transparency here’s what i have spent:

Super exciting, right?!

 Tuesday I managed to spend less than a dollar … whoo! Bought a Diet Coke and a bag of chips to complement the PB&J I brought from home. Look who remembered to bring a lunch to work! This girl. Yay.

More exciting-ness.

Wednesday was at least slightly more exciting in that I sold my ticket for the upcoming HUGE football game to my friend. Monayyyy! I also play bags at a bar close to campus on Wednesdays. For those of you unfamiliar with bags, it’s basically a game where you compete against another team of two to throw bean bags into a hole cut into a board … it’s a lot more fun than it sounds. Anyway, the $15 for “entertainment” was refreshments bought. Playing bags makes you really, really thirsty.

Like this. Except I don’t play on a manicured lawn.

So that was my exciting Wednesday. Which led to a very sleepy Thursday in which I caved AGAIN to the lure of Jimmy John’s. I branched out and got a Pepe this time in the name of broadening my horizons … and was severely disappointed. Sticking to the Vito from now on. However, I managed not to spend anything else, so that’s a positive.

JJ’s, why must you be so seductively delicious.

This weekend promises to be an AWESOME one full of fun with friends, football, and apple picking (ooh, two out of three, alliteration is not my strong point there) but in pursuit of saving pennies I will try to limit my apple picking to only a bushel. or five.


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