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September 19, 2011

So, a very immature title for something important but:

I paid off ONE OF MY CREDIT CAAARDS! That $76.40  I put toward it my last payday did the trick. I was waiting until now to say anything so I could show off this very artfully done rendition of what my online statement looks like:


i’m very artistic. you get the point.

I’m beyond excited that I knocked out the card with the higher of the two interest rates so quickly… this makes me optimistic that I can kill the rest of my debt before my goal of Halloween still!! One thousand, one hundred and thirteen dollars and ninety three cents to go! It looks terrible when I write it out like that. Bleh!

Cutting up the card was one of the best feelings ever. Snip, snip snip .. I am reminded of that episode of The Office.. I think it was called “The Dinner Party” .. anyone else remember? “Michael Scott: snip snip! snip snip! snipsnip!” I can only imagine the elation I will feel when I pay off the other one 🙂
The one thing I can’t decide is what is best to do with the now paid-off card. Do I cancel the account or do I let it sit around? I know that cancelling it dings my credit report, but I’ve only had it since November, so I wouldn’t be losing out on the “Length of credit history” aspect of my credit report… Hmmm. Decisions.


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  1. September 27, 2011 9:05 am

    I recently cut up my cards as well! Snip away! Credit cards only get me into WAY too much trouble!

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