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days five, six, and seven: in which i celebrate a birthday, watch some football, and have big news!

September 19, 2011

It was a busy weekend! I know you were all waiting anxiously to see my weekend spending habits… so without further notice..

Day Five: In Which I Celebrate a Birthday (not mine, unfortunately)

Friday was a pretty ridiculous day, money-wise. I went out to lunch with one of my bestest friends to Panera … and although I originally was going to just get a bagel, caved to my hungry stomach and got the You-Pick-Two combo. I’m such a sucker for garden veggie pesto soup. Need to work on my willpower… Anyway, that was $7.30 … small price to pay, I guess, for a great lunch with a friend!
Later Friday, I made the journey back to my hometown for my brother’s birthday and you know what that means – gas money. Lots and lots of gas money. $55.00 ($20 cash, $35 on my debit card) to be exact. Yuuuuck. Poor little Lexi (my car, although when my brother was driving it last spring, he insisted on calling it VOLTRON. UGH NO. Such a boy name!) was tired after all that trekking up and down I-80.

On the rooooad again... (photo credit OKRoads)

Additionally, I pulled an extra $20 out of my account for a present for the birthday boy. I had no idea what to get a 17 year old boy, so I ended up going with a gas gift card and a gift card to his favorite restaurant. Never fails. I know some people frown on getting/giving gift cards as presents, but I only have a problem with it when it’s a gift card to somewhere generic, like Target. If it’s a gift card to a place I know he loves and will use at the first available opportunity, I think it’s actually pretty thoughtful. Plus. it’s way easier to wrap a gift card than a Philly cheese steak.

On the bright side, I got a delicious dinner out of the whole trip! Thanks mom and dad!! And of course some quality family time 🙂 AND I FOUND THREE PENNIES.

Day Six: In Which Football Saturday Gets the Best of Me

In my college town/state, football is king. KING. Frat boys wake up at six AM to blare the theme song down Greek Row, just in case anyone forgot there was a game that day. So it’s a fun day full of tailgating and mingling with other fans all decked out in our school colors. I actually ended up in the black for this day … I sold my ticket to the game for $20 to a friend, then turned around and spent $7 on pizza (DELISH pepperoni pizza, so it was totally worth it) and $8.01 on a six-pack of delicious Honey Weiss beer for a full day of tailgating. Pizza and beer. God, what a stereotype.

At any rate, I came out with $4.99 for the day! Not good, but not bad, I suppose.

Leinenkugel.. mmm

I think I like this formatting in my excel sheet better... hmm.

My weekly spending total was $322.77 by my calculations. Of that, 56% went to my credit cards and 12% went toward eating out. For this coming week, I’d really like to cut down on eating out. Which I guess won’t be hard when I have almost no money in my checking account! This girl needs to remember to bring her lunch to work.

Sunday started a whole new week of penny projecting. It was the best day because…

Day Seven: In Which I Have My First ZERO CENT DAY!

WHOOO! Part of me thought this was an urban legend. Could I really go a day without spending a cent? Turns out, yes, yes I can! I was busy most of the day with meetings (and they gave us free ice cream … yay!) and then went out to dinner with my boyfriend’s family, they were nice enough to buy. Indian food … mmm. Lamb vindaloo and naan, get in my tummy. It was scrumptious to say the very least.


So all in all, although Friday was a bit of a money suck, it was a great weekend! Mostly because of some….


I quit my UWJ!!! (Unfortunate Waitressing Job). I’d never straight out quit a job before. It was awkward and a little nerve wracking, but worth it for me. My bank account is a little upset with me, because that’s a loss of about $60-80 each weekend that I work, but between school and my primary job, it was getting to be too much. Like I said, my whole aim in paying off my debt is to work toward paying it down, while at the same time being able to still do fun college activities (and drink Diet Coke, obviously).

It’s my senior year of college … and while money is a huge concern and I’m still completely focused on getting rid of my debt and credit cards, I don’t want to look back and have regrets that I didn’t hang out with my friends enough because I was killing my soul trying to get my debt paid down by Halloween… If it takes me until Thanksgiving I’ll be okay with that too (haha). Some debt experts advocate a no-holds-barred approach to paying down debt, but for my current life situation and income, I just don’t see that working and still being able to maintain a happy balance.

Thoughts? Do you guys think it’s better to sell your soul to a corporate restaurant chain to pay debt down sooner? Or should I enjoy life and take a  juuust a leeeetle bit longer to pay it off? I’ve chosen the latter 🙂

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  1. September 19, 2011 11:55 am

    I quit my serving job too this weekend. The money was good, but it wasn’t worth the time I was losing with my family.

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