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life list (save-up-for list).

September 14, 2011

so this isn’t strictly finance-related, but i wouldn’t be so concerned about paying off my cards if i didn’t have big, grand plans for my life. “having piles of credit card debt” is not included in these big grand life plans of mine … here’s some of what is.

  1. pay off my credit cards. my life will be so much less stressful, more free and spontaneous once i accomplish this goal. true, it’s very short term, but i’m actually grateful to be dealing with this now … i know i am learning important life lessons/money lessons/lessons i would rather learn when i’m 21 than when i’m 31, or 41, and have kids and even more important real-life responsibilities than i do now.
  2. go back to barcelona. i spent three lovely months in barcelona, spain, last spring studying abroad, and i would love love love to go back. but this time, take my nearest and dearest with me and show them up close and personally all of my favorite spots.

    i lived two blocks from this beautiful, work-in-progress, inspirational cathedral... i must go back and see it when it's complete.

  3. graduate college. this goal is a work-in-progress. i’m scheduled to graduate in december 2012, and hopefully by the time i get that degree in my hands i will have some clearer focus of what I want to do with my life (fingers crossed!).
  4. get married & have a family. while this goal is still several years off, it’s always been one of my biggest dreams to have a family and work to achieve the whole work-life balance i hear so much about.
  5. go on a road trip. not just a road trip in and around Flyover Country, which I have done many times, and while I love the wide open expanses of my home state, I know there’s soo much more to see in the USA. The Grand Canyon! Redwood trees! Lighthouses! Old Faithful! Southern plantations! I want to see it all.
  6. go to australia (many of my goals involve travel). when i was younger my family hosted an exchange student from australia, and i loved her, her accent, and her stories of Perth, where she lived. Visiting Perth and Sydney (yes, I am aware they are on complete opposite sides of the continent) has always been a goal of mine!
  7. start practicing yoga. i played softball for twelve years, and while it was great for my upper arm strength and hand-eye coordination, it did absolutely nothing for my flexibility. the fact i can barely touch my toes is just depressing. combine that with all of the benefits of yoga (namely, the ability to focus), i would loooove to start at the very beginning and figure out what the whole deal is about, and hopefully along the way i will improve enough to be able to touch my toes. 🙂

this is a short excerpt of all the things i want to accomplish in life. why do i post this now? because one of my most very favorite personal finance blogs, Budgets are Sexy, is having a $500 giveaway sponsored by Life Insurance Finder. to a college student, the thought of winning $500 is comparable to finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. so this is my shot in the dark. 🙂

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