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the penny project.

September 13, 2011

This little guy is going to help me pay off my debt.

In light of the fact I am terrible at budgeting, and even worse at keeping track of where my money flies off to, I’m going to try something:

I’m going to keep track of every single penny I spend for the next month. Starting yesterday (September 12) until a month from now (October 13), I’m going to save all my receipts and write down all my purchases both large and small. I even created an Excel spreadsheet to help me keep track of everything! (Side note, I used to be flat-out terrified of Excel but I am proud to say I think I’ve mastered the “Sum” formula in the last few days…)

$0.25 purchase from the vending machine at work? Goes into my spreadsheet. $25 purchase from Walgreens? Spreadsheeting it. $500 rent payment?… I think you know where I’m going with this. I figure this will be a good way to figure out where I can cut expenses while at the same time know how much money I will need for miscellaneous expenses in the coming months (other than just guesstimating “Oh, I think I’ll spend $55 on eating out this month… That approach has never worked for me because I couldn’t even take myself seriously.)


This is already helping me! When I was making this I almost completely forgot that I had bought a Diet Coke at work. Not much moolah, but a quarter is a quarter! I also caved and got Jimmy John’s , a#5 Unwich for those of you who care (HINT: GET DIJON ON IT. OMG IT IS HEAVENLY). Also, Zesto’s is a fantabulous ice cream shop here in Flyover Country and my boyfriend and I went there to celebrate eight whole months of dating! Nothing says “Thanks for putting up with me for 240 days” like a vanilla ice cream cone with Krunch topping.

Anyway, there’s that. $11.99 on my first day of The Penny Project.

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