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a heap of trouble, and how i got myself in it.

September 13, 2011

i’ve heard all my life that credit cards are bad.

on par with crossing the street without looking both ways and not finishing your vegetables because there are hungry children in africa. so what do i do? go run up a credit card debt.

It’s been an up and down battle with this card for the better part of two years. which maybe should have told you that I shouldn’t have gotten it in the first place.. I figured I could handle it, because I was a sophomore in college.. and I was… wise and worldly? HAH. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Additionally, I worked retail for 4+ years, and one day last year I finally caved to my manager asking begging me to sign up for a store card. The balance on that card is down to almost nothing, so hopefully with my upcoming paycheck I can pay that off!

Things really got out of control during my study abroad semester last spring which, while it was an incredible experience, created a complete and total mind%$#! money-wise for me all semester. Between converting euros to dollars and back again, and the conversion rate bouncing all over the place, and mysterious international fees that I was never quite able to figure out … Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have put my €150 canyoning adventure on my credit card, but I operated with the whole “You’re only in Europe once” mentality. Great for my perspective, but a death toll for my credit card. 

Now that I am back (have been for four months) and will have my feet firmly planted on American soil for the forseeable future (thank GOODNESS!), and after my summer of saying I was going to pay it off while voraciously reading every personal finance blog I could get my hands mouse on, I’m finally ready to hardcore tackle my credit card once and for all. YAY! And keeping track of everything on D&DC will help me accomplish my goals! DOUBLE YAY!

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